Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lady's 1900s Walking Suit

This 1900s walking suit is a must have for the discerning lady, who wants to look her best when she goes walking. It's all about being seen!

The suit is custom order only. Jacket is asymmetrical, and fully lined. Skirt is ankle length, and side pleated and high waisted. The "blouse" is actually a dickey made to look like a blouse and Jabot. You have choice of fabric and colour. Cost is $400 plus shipping. Turn around on this item is 3-4 weeks.

Hat and walking stick are not included.

Interview on CTV About Corsets

A short interview on the history and functionality of corsets, and my views on waist training.

CTV Interview

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lady's Steampunk Outfit

This is a complete outfit for the discerning lady with Steampunk tendencies. It consists of a bustier, skirt with hand pleated ruffle, and a lovely long coat which is fully lined, with lacing up the back, and pockets for those 21st Century necessities such as cell phones!

Outfit is custom made, and is available in a choice of fabric. Cost of complete outfit: $400.

18th Century Tapestry Court Vest

Another version of the 18th Century man's vest, this one in a lovely muted tapestry design fabric. It is lined and backed with olive green heavy satin, and the buttons are also olive green. Again, reasonably priced at $90.


Man's 18th Century Court Vest

This vest exemplifies men's fashions of this time; men were the peacocks, and women were a little more muted.

This lovely vest is made from floral cotton, and is lined and backed with pale turquoise silk charmeuse. It was typical for the front to be longer than the back, so to show better under the man's jacket. The buttons are mirrored filigree, and set off the vest nicely. The vest is most reasonably priced at $90.
Model: James

Model: James

A close up of the filigree buttons