Friday, 29 May 2015

Lady's Pirate Jacket and Dress

The jacket is made of velveteen, with contrasting cuffs, and decorated with gold filigree buttons which are mirrored on the inside. The jacket is fully lined in a contrasting taffeta. The dress is cotton batiste, trimmed with rows of lace, and finished with a blue satin sash.

Jacket and dress is $300+, depending on fabrics used.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Man's Pirate Jacket

This jacket is inspired by the one Johnny Depp wears in Pirates of the Caribbean. It is a custom item available in your choice of fabric. Total cost depends on fabrics used. The jacket is not lined, and has three godets; one in the back, and one on either side, which gives it appropriate pirate 'swishyness.' It is trimmed with silver braid and buttons, and has contrasting cuffs. The coat does not do up $350.

This one is spoken for, but gives an idea of what the finished jacket looks like.