Saturday, 29 March 2014

Beading For Stomacher In Progress

This is the revised design for the stomacher. I didn't like the way the first one was looking so I scrapped it and started over. This is my first try at beading fabric, so of course, it's nowhere near the level of Michele Carragher's work! But have to start somewhere!

The colour is off because of the bad lighting. The fabric is actually a dark purple, and the flower is outlined in lavender, and the petals are done with hematite coloured beads. The leaves are also outlined in lavender and the leaves themselves are multicoloured metallic beads. Looks much better in person!

Once done, then it will be cut out and used in making the dress seen below. The stomacher and underskirt will be a dark purple taffeta, and the rest of the bodice and overskirt will be purple and black shot brocade. Sleeve ruffles black lace, and it will be laced up the back.

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