Tuesday, 24 January 2017


1.     What sparked your interest in costume design?

I was a dancer when I was younger and started that way, making costumes for recitals and festivals. When I had a daughter, she danced also, and I ended up making her costumes, and the costumes for the entire ballet school.

2.     Did you go to school for design? If so, where? If not, what did you study?

No; I taught myself, with my mom’s help.

3.     How did you get started on your career? How did you meet the first person that sparked your opportunities?

Funnily enough, it was my daughter. She wanted a corset, and I had never made one before, and getting sidetracked, of course, researching corsets, I stumbled upon historical costuming. The rest, as they say, is history!

4.     Are you a member of the Union? If so, how did you become a member and how was it different from working as a freelance designer?

No; I have always worked freelance. ( I am now a Permittee with ACFC West 2020.)

5.     Would you recommend becoming a member of the Union?

My daughter works in the production end of film, and prefers union jobs, but until now, I have never belonged to a Union. The pay is better, that’s for sure!

        6. Why historical costumes? What made you so interested in that area?

              I love the intricacy of designs from era to era and century to century.

6.     What's your favourite era of costumes?

1700-late 1800.

7.     Could you tell me a little bit more about your private business and how that's different or similar to being a costume designer?

I attend conventions when I can, and sell many of my items there as a vendor. I also sell online, and take private commissions.

8.     Have you designed anything for film or TV? If so, what was different about it? 

I have worked mainly in dance and  theatre, but I am currently working in the Film Industry. Haven’t gotten to design anything yet!

9.      How do you communicate your designs? What medium do you use? 

I’m actually not sure what you mean by this question?  I advertise on my website, and at conventions, but I really can’t afford to do newspaper or magazine advertising, so it’s mainly word of mouth. I also sketch out ideas, although I am not a very good artist!

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